Biden promises to stand for Muslim communities around the world in the Ramadan greeting

US President Joe Biden. Photo: AFP / File

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday wished Muslims in America and around the world a very happy Ramadan, expressing his willingness to stand up for the rights of Muslim communities across the globe.

In a statement published on the official White House website, Biden conveyed best wishes from him and his wife, Jill Biden, to the Muslim community across the globe as the month of Ramadan begins in the United States.

The message of the commandment came on the eve of Lent, when all Muslims in the country perform the first Taraweeh prayers or special prayers performed after the Isha prayer.

He started by remembering the difficult year that America and other parts of the world experienced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In this pandemic, friends and loved ones cannot yet gather in celebration and congregation, and far too many families will settle down in iftar with dear ones,” he wrote.

He acknowledged the achievements of American Muslims and said that they “have enriched our country since our founding”.

“They are as diverse and vibrant as the America they have helped build. Today, Muslims are at the forefront of our efforts to fight COVID-19 and play a pioneering role in vaccine development and serve as frontline health professionals,” he said. he.

“They create jobs as entrepreneurs and business owners, risk their lives as first responders, teach in our schools, serve as dedicated government employees across the nation, and play a leading role in our ongoing fight for racial justice and social justice,” the U.S. president added. .

However, Biden acknowledged that American Muslims continued to be targeted by hate crimes, bullying, and greatness. He said these attacks were wrong, adding that “they must stop”.

“No one in America should ever live in fear of expressing his faith. And my administration will work tirelessly to protect the rights and security of all people,” he said.

Biden said that on his first day in office, he had ended the “shameful” Muslim ban and would continue to stand up for the rights of Muslims around the world.

The US president said he and his wife Jill looked forward to resuming the traditional White House celebrations in person next year.

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